Monday, August 31, 2015

Football, football, everywhere, nor any drop to drink (except at the Bloody Mary Bar)

Could there possibly be more football on my plate, and therefore on the restaurants' plates?  Football out the wazzooo!!!

First, there's Fantasy Football on the line.  Seems like there are draft parties every night & day.  If you haven't set up yours, you're definitely running behind. Don't miss out on all the FREE stuff you can get.

Second - The Bloody Mary Bar.  It is looming over our shoulders like the grim reaper, just waiting to strike.  This Saturday is going to be as they say, "Off the hook!"  Wait, do 'they' still say that?  Bloody Marys & Papa Smurfs flying faster than the bartenders can make 'em starting at 8am

These pics are prep of last year, and these were gone by 11am

Then there's the tailgating we do.  You did know that we will CATER YOUR TAILGATE PARTY right?  Well, you can trust a sports bar that has catered 500+ tailgates to know tailgating.  Our client list is so hush-hush, I can't even tell you who they are

And FINALLY, the big one.  Our free Notre Dame Football pool.  Who doesn't want to get in on that?  It's free, it's N.D., it's football, and you can win, like a bunch of Buns Money.  Get in by 9/4 to be eligible

Oh, and one more thing in the future, but I still have to worry about it, the Bears/Colts divide that will happen October 4 thanks to CBS.  They have the rights to both but can only air ONE of them.  I guess you're coming to watch the other one at our place

Thanks for reading this far!  GO FOOTBALL!!!!

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