Friday, July 22, 2016

Readers' Choice Voting Time - We appreciate your support!

Voting... with no politics.  We don't do politics other than to point out that Ghostbusters is coming out, and the famous line was never more appropriate than it is today.

It is South Bend Tribune Reader's Choice voting time again until July 31 and we could really use your support. You've helped make Between the Buns great in the past, now we ask that you help continue that.

The Buns is nominated for:
- Local Hamburger
- Local Bar & Grill
- Local Chicken Wings
- Outdoor Dining
- Live Local Music
Our sister store Curve Cafe is listed for:
- Local Breakfast
You will need to login. If you don't remember your password from last year, reset is super easy.

Vote here now!  And as they say in Chicago - Vote early, vote often.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

We Consider You To Be....

We know that you are an MVP... but are you a member of the MVP Rewards Club?  

You don't have to hit a home run, nor score the winning touchdown, not even a hole-in-one in mini-golf.  Nope, you just have to ask us nicely.  At that point, glitter will fall from the sky, rewards will come to you, unicorns will dance, you'll be welcomed to members-only contests, a present might even show up on your birthday.  Ok, maybe not the glitter & unicorn part, but the rest of that is true.

Yep, all of it.  Oh, it's FREE too!

  • You'll earn free food & drink rewards
  • Members-only contests
  • Birthday presents to 200 random MVP members per month

AND, it's all free.  All you gotta do is ask.

Here's a link to all the details and information you could possibly need.  Magic Link