Friday, August 17, 2012

Happy Friday!!

It's time for the big announcement!!

For the September 1 Notre Dame football game 
ALL Buns locations will be opening at 7AM!!

All will have Irish Drink Specials
All will have free Breakfast
   SBend - Breakfast burrito bar
   Osceola, Elkhart & Granger - Biscuits & gravy while supplies last
South Bend will have their traditional Bloody Mary Bar!
All will have Papa Smurfs on sale!

The Game & our Kitchens start at 9am.  Be at a Buns to watch the Irish in Ireland!!

Since it's Friday I'll also mention we've got $4 Craft Beers today.

Happy Weekend to you all!!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Whew, the Olympics are over.... and by that I mean - It's hard work giving out 204,000 MVP points!!  I don't see how these athletes do it.  Next time... more training for me.  See if you got some free MVP points. I worked hard giving them out, the least you could do is see if you won:

I've mentioned it before, and I'll mention it again - FANTASY FOOTBALL is the theme right now.  Dudes & dudettes are putting their teams together, hoping to get their players in the draft.  You'll have better luck with your team if you HOST YOUR DRAFT at the Buns.  We're giving away soooo much stuff!!  Each draft gets:

FREE Wings
    50 wings for groups of 6 or more
    25 wings for groups up to 5
FREE Drinks
   2 pitchers of drinks for groups 6+
   1 free pitcher for groups up to 5
$200+ Coupon Book for EACH league member
FREE Drinking Team Hat to league commissioner

More info:  Reserve Today before we fill up!

Coming soon, details on our Irish in Ireland parties!!  Stay tuned....

And don't miss out on today's Double & Triple plays.  They're really quite a deal when you think about it.

Well, it's back to the restaurant I go.... If you come into the Elkhart Buns, tell me you read this and who knows......

Sunday, August 12, 2012

It's Getting Interesting

So the Buns world has been shaken up a bit since the sudden separation of Phil from the Buns family.

Many of you have become attached to some of our managers, and we're just doing a little shuffling around.  Those of you who knew Jeff, he'll soon be located at our Granger location.  Bri, the General Manager of Elkhart is moving to the South Bend store and is looking forward to her new team.
Yours truly is going to be running the Elkhart Buns starting Monday.  So that's all the fun stuff.

As for what's new at the Buns.....

We're still taking reservations for Fantasy Football Draft Parties.  We want to give out lots of coupons, lots of wings & drinks and lots of Drinking Team Hats.  Call & reserve your league's draft party today!
Osceola :: 679-4474
South Bend :: 247-9293
Elkhart :: 206-9900
Granger :: 243-8889
~ ~ ~ Operators are standing by ~ ~ ~

And we've got food specials almost every day that changed a few weeks back.  If you haven't seen them yet, here's the list:

Today (Monday) is DOUBLE MVP POINTS day!  Use your MVP card & get to your rewards twice as fast.

Soon - I'll be able to tell y'all what we're doing for the Sept 1 Irish in Ireland Game.  Can't wait to tell ya!

That about covers it for today.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

The last week has been crazy as some of you might know....

Yes, it's true... Phil is no longer working for Between the Buns.  Yes, he was and continues to be an owner.  He will no longer be working in the restaurants, he'll be sitting back as an owner.  We wish him the best.

Dave - now in SBend
At this time, you might notice some management changes.  Jeff, the General Manager of our South Bend store has moved into the Granger location to replace Phil, and I (Dave) have moved into South Bend to take Jeff's position.  Of course, no one could ever 'replace' Phil in Granger nor Jeff in SBend.  Everyone is just trying to fill their predecessor's shoes.

But enough of that, on to the fun stuff!!

The Olympic promotion is going strong!!  We've given out over 45,000 MVP points so far with 150,000 more to go.  Use your MVP card to be entered into each store's daily drawing.  See if you won one of the daily medals.  Details here:

Also, FOOTBALL IS COMING!!  Which means fantasy football is coming.  We're doing a great promotion - Free Wings, Free Drinks, Free Coupon Books.  Check it all out:

But other than that, marketing is kind of on hold for a while since I have to step back from the marketing (among other things) to work in a restaurant.

See you in the stores soon!!