Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Fun Continues....

Well, I'm still playing restaurant, but am trying to find time to keep y'all informed.

Have you heard about our new fundraising program?  We're giving away money to groups/charities/teams and other worthy causes.  Instead of reading it here, check out the webpage I made for you about it:

We also have a scrip program available if your school qualifies.  More info:

This Friday at the South Bend Buns will host a hoisting contest.  The challenge will begin at the South Bend Buns at 7:30 and run to around 9:30. All challengers must be over 21.  It's gonna be fun!!

And another thing...!  Our Curve Cafe friends really want you to stop in & say hi.  Their October breakfast special is amazing!  Get a two egg cheese omelet & toast for $1.86 all month Mon-Fri.  

Speaking of great deals, have you checked out our catering lately?  We do business lunches, formal, informal, private parties and much more.  We can do parties large & small, either thru our restaurants or our catering division.  We're MORE than just burgers.

That's about all for today!!  Have a great one!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

My what a long strange trip it's been.....

So much to say, but the internet is only so big.

First of all, I would like to congratulate Brianna (Bri) Meister for her recent move to General Manager of the South Bend Buns!  Please ask for her and welcome her to her new store.
Secondly, I need to congratulate Nicki Tobolski (Pickavet) for her promotion to General Manager of the Elkhart Between the Buns location!
Third, I have to welcome Brett Kocsis as the new General Manager of the Granger Buns location.  He comes to us from points unknown, but seems to be a nice guy.  Ask to meet him on your next visit!!

Plus we shuffled some other managers around if you need to know:
Chad is now at the Osceola Buns
James is now at the South Bend Buns
Dave is now at everywhere
Long time managers Phil Schreiber and Jeff Morauski are no longer with the company.

Ok, that covers the management moves, hopefully I didn't miss anyone and you can still find your favorites.  The good news is that the food and the service should remain just as good as ever since most of these managers come from other Between the Buns.

On to upcoming events.....
This Saturday: South Bend Buns will host their first Bloody Mary Bar of the season!  Free Breakfast, 32oz Bloody Marys that you build yourself and the best ND fans in the area.
You wanna see an early morning party?  This is it: 

The NFL is about to start their real season, no more of this half-baked wimpy second-string player games.  It's time for the main event!!
Let me type that slowly in case you missed it the first time, we have ALL the games.  Yep, 100% of the NFL is OURS for you to watch.  Come track your fantasy players, watch 10 games at a time, get MVP points while you're here, food specials, drink specials, beer specials - we are your perfect NFL location!

And with that....  I . am . outta . here!  Reporting to you on my day off (cause that's the only time they give me to do any marketing) from somewhere not tropical.... ~D