Wednesday, July 25, 2012

We did it!!  We nailed down the plans for Fantasy Football.  If peeps have their league parties at the Buns they'll get:

FREE Wings
    50 wings for groups of 6 or more
    25 wings for groups up to 5
FREE Drinks 
   2 pitchers of drinks for groups 6+
   1 free pitcher for groups up to 5
$200+ Coupon Book for EACH league member
FREE Drinking Team Hat to league commissioner
(Girl not included with Fantasy Football Draft Party package)

And don't miss the "Happily Ever After" charity event at the Granger Buns tonite.  It's a great cause.  Read about it here >>

That's all my excitement for the day.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Yippie!!  Rain!!  Oh shoot, I'm gonna have to mow my lawn finally.....

Well, tomorrow is the big day!  Our fundraiser at the Granger Buns for "Happily Ever After" is almost here.  It's kind of a long story... do ya mind just visiting this link? Thanks

In other charity news, THE Brady Quinn wants to send someone to see ND play in Ireland.  Ya, for real.  Check it out.

Our Fantasy Football program is almost nailed down, you'll get more info hopefully this week.

I just finished our next email newsletter which is full of Buns goodness.  If you're not on the list, get on it at this link:

One last thing, how was your last visit to the Buns?  I really wanna know, so talk to upper management here & tell us the good, the bad & the.... ummm..... well.... not so pretty.  

Finally, I'm trying to see how many people read this lovely blog, so I'm gonna ask an easy trivia question that every reader should be able to answer....  What is our Saturday Drink Special?  Just respond below.  Winner randomly selected from those who are right.  Good luck!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Gearing up for another fun filled week here at the Buns!

Probably the most exciting thing is our upcoming Olympic promotion.  You could win a medal (so to speak) at the Buns just by using your MVP card.  We're going to give away over 200,000 MVP points during the Olympic games.  Wanna know more?  Check it out:

Being a Monday, I kinda have to remind people that it's Double MVP point day, so get out there & use your card!

And this week is going to be all about gearing up for football season.  NFL is coming, college football is coming..... more to come soon on all the action here at the Buns.

Have a great Monday!

Friday, July 20, 2012

As Harry Caray would have said, "HOLY COW!!"

All our new items & promotions have really caught on this week.  I'd have to say that the Strawberry Lemonade is the biggest hit!!  I'm sure the heat has something to do with it.  It's not boxed, well sort of.  The lemonade is, but then we add real pureed strawberries.  Mmmmm.....

By the way, did you know we have Fried Pickles?  And these aren't the kind most restaurants get (frozen).  We put our own breading on real, never frozen pickles.  Crispy, salty and served with a creamy bloomin' sauce.

Oh, and by the way.... I lied.  Well, it wasn't a lie when I told y'all the other day that there was going to be a surprise next Wednesday.  But there's been a change in plans, and we're going to simply keep our $5 Bang Bang shrimp special on Wednesdays.  Sorry for the tease...

Have a great weekend!!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Blog Continues

Wow!  I'm impressed.  61 views yesterday!  I guess I need to start considering saying something profound in these things.  Four score & seven .... oh forget it.  I'm not doin' that!!

Yesterday I was so excited about doing this blog thingy, that I totally forgot we started a new sandwich & new drink in addition to the new lunch special.  Duh!!  My bad....

The Spicy Gipper Reuben - Trust me, I thought it sounded weird too, but after 14 shots of tequila, I tried it.  It was really good!!  Ok, I didn't do the tequila, but it did take some arm twisting.  It is much tastier than one would think up front.

And with the anticipated heat today, I don't want to leave out our new non-alcoholic beverage.  STRAWBERRY LEMONADE!

I'm so excited.  More meetings today.  In one meeting I gained 3 days of marketing work!  How does that happen?  With all these meetings, how am I supposed to get any work done?

C'est la vie....

But there is big news & a big surprise coming next Wednesday.  It's so cool, I'm not even able to tell you yet!!  But what could we possibly do on Wednesdays?  Hmmm.....


Monday, July 16, 2012

Between the Buns (by me) is gonna start blogging!

Welcome to the Buns blog.  Gonna have to get used to this.

Starting the day with an advertising meeting focused on NDame.  Totally excited though b/c I got in touch with a Domer who is fencing in the olympics & he's willing to do a meet & greet at the Buns after the games when school starts back up!!  So exciting!!

I hope that the buttons for the new lunch specials work today!!  It's called "The Back 9" - for two reasons.
1) It's on the back of the menu
2) There's 9 featured items all just 5.99 during lunch!

Well, that's my first real blog post.... let's see if I can keep it up.