Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Wings, Wings, Wings

Is there anything that goes with the S-Bowl more than chicken wings?  I don't think so.

Juicy, sauce dripping down your arms, savory sauce wrapped around tender chicken meat on the bone.  Subconsciously, I think it takes us back to our primordial days.  Toss.bone.over.shoulder.  Grunt.Grunt.Ugh.

There's something about it.  Football & wings together.  It just raises the testosterone to that next level.

The history of the Buffalo chicken wing is long, and there are even different versions of it.

I've personally been to the Anchor Bar, alleged home of the famed comfort food.  Personally, I didn't think they were very good.  Far too much Tabasco sauce for my taste, and not enough flavor.  Maybe I've just been spoiled by the quality of the wings at Between the Buns.

The Buns only uses Fresh, Whole, 3-Piece Wings.
Always impressive!  Especially at Your party!

As part of our S-Bowl festivities, we're planning to cater chicken wings.  Lots of wings.  Literally buckets & buckets of them.  And we're giving some away for free!  Want to know how to get free ones, check it out:

Monday, January 25, 2016

Let the S-Bowl festivities begin!!

Let the S-Bowl festivities begin!!

Gees, where do I start?  Well, I'm going to go with the tastiest first.  Our biggest wings for the biggest game.  Fresh, whole, 3-piece wings & 8 Sauces available to drown them in.  Get our wings + free ones too.  
Details here:

Then of course there is the S-Bowl Contest (designed it myself).  All you have to do is pick how many points each team will get in each quarter.  Not hard, right?  Oh, plus the coin toss.  You can win a sandwich a week for a YEAR.  
Yep, big game=big prize.

And of course, this post wouldn't be complete without a mention of the day of the actual gameday parties.  We're giving away money, we're giving away food, and having lots of fun.  Come for the commercials, stay for the silly little football game.

In closing, we do S-Bowl right.  In so many ways.  We would love to help you however we can.  Let's make #50 a PAAAARTAAAYYY!!

Friday, January 22, 2016

New Drafts & Crafts

Why did the chicken cross the road?  To get to our new draft & craft beers of course!

Please welcome some of the new adult beverages at Elkhart Buns! Remember, craft beers $1 off on Fridays too
- Goose Island 4 Star Pils (draft) (but not quite a draft beer anymore)
- 3 Floyds Alpha King (draft)
- 3 Floyds Yum Yum (draft)
- Henry's Hard - both Orange Soda & Ginger Ale

And at Osceola, we now have "Not Your Father's Root Beer" on draft, also $1 off on Fridays b/c technically it IS a craft beer.

Each store changes their craft beers quite often, so come see what we've got chillin' for you today!

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Biggest Wings for the Biggest Game!

The Superbowl and Buffalo Chicken Wings.  They go hand in hand.  I actually saw one stat that said 1.25 Billion wings get consumed on the day of the "big game".  With 2 wings per chicken, that's 630 million chickens.  Or 315 million if you consider each wing has two wing joints.  

But we don't do that math because we use WHOLE fresh 3-piece wings.  Yep, when we say it's a wing, it's a WING!!  We take our wings very seriously.

Order early & get free wings too!

Check out our Superbowl specials here:

Friday, January 15, 2016

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

New... what's new? This stuff!!

So, you wonder what's going on in the world of the Buns....

By now, you're surely heard the news.  Our South Bend location has closed and is being re-opened by 2 of it's long-time owners as 'Tap House on the Edge'.  We want to thank all of our wonderful South Bend guests for their patronage over the years.  Our Elkhart and our Osceola locations will not be affected by this change. We will still continue to provide you with great customer service and fresh, quality food in our sports bar atmosphere.

And to go along with this announcement, I'm here to tell you that nothing has changed. Here's some proof - this is amazing deal is still rolling strong at the Osceola & Elkhart locations.

And here's a few more delicious goodies that you have got to try!