Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Blog Continues

Wow!  I'm impressed.  61 views yesterday!  I guess I need to start considering saying something profound in these things.  Four score & seven .... oh forget it.  I'm not doin' that!!

Yesterday I was so excited about doing this blog thingy, that I totally forgot we started a new sandwich & new drink in addition to the new lunch special.  Duh!!  My bad....

The Spicy Gipper Reuben - Trust me, I thought it sounded weird too, but after 14 shots of tequila, I tried it.  It was really good!!  Ok, I didn't do the tequila, but it did take some arm twisting.  It is much tastier than one would think up front.

And with the anticipated heat today, I don't want to leave out our new non-alcoholic beverage.  STRAWBERRY LEMONADE!

I'm so excited.  More meetings today.  In one meeting I gained 3 days of marketing work!  How does that happen?  With all these meetings, how am I supposed to get any work done?

C'est la vie....

But there is big news & a big surprise coming next Wednesday.  It's so cool, I'm not even able to tell you yet!!  But what could we possibly do on Wednesdays?  Hmmm.....


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