Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Yippie!!  Rain!!  Oh shoot, I'm gonna have to mow my lawn finally.....

Well, tomorrow is the big day!  Our fundraiser at the Granger Buns for "Happily Ever After" is almost here.  It's kind of a long story... do ya mind just visiting this link?  http://betweenthebuns.com/fundraiser Thanks

In other charity news, THE Brady Quinn wants to send someone to see ND play in Ireland.  Ya, for real.  Check it out.  http://www.ndinireland.com/

Our Fantasy Football program is almost nailed down, you'll get more info hopefully this week.

I just finished our next email newsletter which is full of Buns goodness.  If you're not on the list, get on it at this link: http://betweenthebuns.com/Newsletter.html

One last thing, how was your last visit to the Buns?  I really wanna know, so talk to upper management here & tell us the good, the bad & the.... ummm..... well.... not so pretty.  

Finally, I'm trying to see how many people read this lovely blog, so I'm gonna ask an easy trivia question that every reader should be able to answer....  What is our Saturday Drink Special?  Just respond below.  Winner randomly selected from those who are right.  Good luck!

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