Thursday, August 16, 2012

Whew, the Olympics are over.... and by that I mean - It's hard work giving out 204,000 MVP points!!  I don't see how these athletes do it.  Next time... more training for me.  See if you got some free MVP points. I worked hard giving them out, the least you could do is see if you won:

I've mentioned it before, and I'll mention it again - FANTASY FOOTBALL is the theme right now.  Dudes & dudettes are putting their teams together, hoping to get their players in the draft.  You'll have better luck with your team if you HOST YOUR DRAFT at the Buns.  We're giving away soooo much stuff!!  Each draft gets:

FREE Wings
    50 wings for groups of 6 or more
    25 wings for groups up to 5
FREE Drinks
   2 pitchers of drinks for groups 6+
   1 free pitcher for groups up to 5
$200+ Coupon Book for EACH league member
FREE Drinking Team Hat to league commissioner

More info:  Reserve Today before we fill up!

Coming soon, details on our Irish in Ireland parties!!  Stay tuned....

And don't miss out on today's Double & Triple plays.  They're really quite a deal when you think about it.

Well, it's back to the restaurant I go.... If you come into the Elkhart Buns, tell me you read this and who knows......

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