Saturday, August 4, 2012

The last week has been crazy as some of you might know....

Yes, it's true... Phil is no longer working for Between the Buns.  Yes, he was and continues to be an owner.  He will no longer be working in the restaurants, he'll be sitting back as an owner.  We wish him the best.

Dave - now in SBend
At this time, you might notice some management changes.  Jeff, the General Manager of our South Bend store has moved into the Granger location to replace Phil, and I (Dave) have moved into South Bend to take Jeff's position.  Of course, no one could ever 'replace' Phil in Granger nor Jeff in SBend.  Everyone is just trying to fill their predecessor's shoes.

But enough of that, on to the fun stuff!!

The Olympic promotion is going strong!!  We've given out over 45,000 MVP points so far with 150,000 more to go.  Use your MVP card to be entered into each store's daily drawing.  See if you won one of the daily medals.  Details here:

Also, FOOTBALL IS COMING!!  Which means fantasy football is coming.  We're doing a great promotion - Free Wings, Free Drinks, Free Coupon Books.  Check it all out:

But other than that, marketing is kind of on hold for a while since I have to step back from the marketing (among other things) to work in a restaurant.

See you in the stores soon!!

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