Thursday, September 3, 2015

A Buns Exclusive - Beatbox Beverages

So we've had a new development in the last 24 hours for the South Bend Buns gameday events.  As if a home game Saturday wasn't crazy enough, we are proud to host BEATBOX beverages.  If they look familiar, that's because they were on Shark Tank.  Mark Cuban invested one-million dollars in this Texas based operation! What a coincidence that Notre Dame is playing Texas this week. 
See the Shark Tank episode worth a million dollars --> 

Box wine has just gone to the next level beyond a doubt, and now The Buns is part of that ride!  On gameday we will have $3 glasses of Beatbox!  or you can take your own whole box out to the tailgate arena and be a Tailgate Hero (and minor celebrity) for having this unique, fresh & new product!

The nice folks from Beatbox will be tailgating and then bring the party back EXCLUSIVELY to Between the Buns!  Can you say #Swag?  Sweet!!  Save me a t-shirt y'all.

Come to the South Bend Buns & try our million dollar Cran-limeade or Lemon-limeade. We'll be selling Beatbox right from when we open at 8am, so come in early.  These are considered wines with 11.1% alcohol, so no under 21's for this fun looking beverage, sorry.  See you Saturday!!

Remember our homeday creedo: 
You can't drink all day long if you don't start first thing in the morning!!

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