Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Attack of the Technology

Blog posts are supposed to be interesting & fun right?  Well this one won't be my usual style.

Anyone heard of EMV?  PayWithDash?  Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo, Twitter, Pinterest, Gentlemint, Blogging, Pandora, PCI.... the terms and brands (and their advertising) come faster than I can type them.

And these are the things that keep me up at night.  Tech coming at us faster than we can implement.  What to implement?  When?  How?  Where?  At what cost?  It's fast & furious, without the guns or fancy cars.

Then throw in other people looking to us/me for tech advice!  What are they thinking?  Are they insane.  It's not entirely the blind leading the blind, but I definitely need a seeing eye dog to navigate all this stuff!  Whew.  And no budget for the dog-food.

Gees, monitor all that, plus give you quality blog posts?  Multi-tasking Me.  Up, up and away now, to fend off more technology bullets.

Oh, and here is the shameless plug for todays specials.

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