Tuesday, November 8, 2016

It's Tuesday - Great For Two Reasons

Here we are again.  Tuesday.

It's just that this one matters just a little bit more than most.

1) Get your 3.99 fresh, hand-pattied angus steak burger with fries.  Admittedly, this happens every Tuesday, but its always a big deal!

2) We get to do that vote thingy today.  Whatever side you choose, just know that we'll be here, ready to get you your 3.99 angus steakburger after you vote (or before, it depends on when you read this LOL).

3) We've got $4 Half sized Buns specialty drinks
(the L'il Papa & $4 L'il Devil & L'il Purple Drink & L'il Monster).
Preferably you'll indulge AFTER you vote, but hey, we're still selling them all day.  They finally changed that law a few years ago.  *yippie*!

Hope we can see you soon!

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