Saturday, September 10, 2016

The NFL is BACK!!

Between the Buns is, and has been, your home for all the NFL games. We've had every NFL game every week for all 22 years they've been available. That's a lot of football!
Watch your fantasy players live - all of them!
Track 'em with our free Wifi
Plus we've got 3.95 32oz Bud/Bud Light drafts and our 12-Speed Margarita for just $7 and the infamous Kiss My Butkus & Surf's Up for only $5. Get our famous whole fresh 3-piece wings, our fresh Angus steak burgers or our tender ribs that we smoke ourselves.
All THAT with your favorite team is what makes a great football day.

Bit o' trivia: according to Wikipedia the NFL Sunday ticket was invented by THE Jon Taffer. Yeah, that Jon Taffer, the TV bar guy.

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