Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Breakfast Club Comes to the Buns in Osceola

 Breakfast Club is coming!!

It's true!  Between the Buns in Osceola is going to hold a true Purdue style Breakfast Club!!

You see, a bunch of the management at the restaurant (and our corporate office) are Purdue Alum and we miss the good ole days when we used to get up on game day, get into our wildest costumes, toss back a few cocktails, jam with some great tunes and then enjoy a Boilermaker football game.

We're going to repeat this tradition on October 8.  The doors will open at 8am and the party shall commence.  

With a bunch of drinks and a lot of luck we can watch the Boilermakers of Purdue beat the Fighting Illini.  And if Purdue loses, well, we'll already be at a bar, so drowning our sorrows will be easy to achieve.  #BoilerUp

Get more info at this link.

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