Friday, January 24, 2014

Winners all over the place

Wow, things are just happening too fast around here.

The winner of the TV from the Playoffs contest - Randy Doncilovic
And on top of that, the winner of the Monkey Butt rename contest was Pete Scott.
Congratulations to you both!

BTW - have you gotten in on our Sooperbohl contest yet?  Come in to a Buns get an entry code, then just pick the score for each quarter of the sooperbohl.  Easy, right?  Well you could win a Sandwich a Week for a whole Year.  Get in here and get your code & play today!  You can only enter once per code, but you can get a new code every visit!!  Play often!

Now I gotta go get busy with all of our upcoming specials changes and lots of other geek stuff.  

Just wait until I get to tell you about BOTH of our Olympic Events that WE are doing!  Talk to y'all again soon!...

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