Thursday, January 23, 2014

Why We Love Football (And You Should, Too!)

Football is so complex.  You've got offense, defense, quarterbacks, tight ends, nickel backs and cheerleaders.  Gees, how can one really keep up?

You don't have to.  There's just two things you need to know about football right now.

1) We're giving away a Sandwich a Week for a YEAR!  And all you have to do is guess (yep, guess) what the scores will be in each quarter of the Sooperbohl.  Guess, you don't even have to show your work on this little number thing at all.  AND you can enter more than once!  So easy, & so fun.  Lots of prizes to go around.  Details here:

2) Our sooperbohl part is gonna be off the hook.  Games, a free football board involving cash prizes, drink specials and lots of fun stuff.

Oh and on a completely different topic not football related...  we have finally come to a decision on the new name for the Monkey Butt drink.  Yep, we have!  It's only taken like 4 months and sifting through 2000 entries & suggestions, but this right here, right now, will be the first time it goes public.  Ready?  Here we GO.

Red Devil

We hope you like it as much as we do.  Four different people suggested it though, so now to figure out the winner, we have to throw darts at the names to pick a single winner.  We'll be in touch soon.  The RED DEVIL is on special for the 32oz monster cocktail on Fridays for just $6.  Come try it this week! 

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