Monday, August 1, 2016

Fantasy Football With Benefits

I am SO excited!  
♪ Are you ready for some football? ♫

Our favorite time of the year is fast approaching!  The NFL starts it's preseason this Sunday - Aug 7.  Personally, I'm disappointed that they're starting with Green Bay, but hey, those are the breaks.  Did you realize there is football every Sunday from now until February?!  Yowza!!!

If you need to know some schedules here's some quick links
Bears     Colts     Packers     
Lions     Vikings     Steelers

For anyone else, just copy/paste this link, and put your team's name after the slash

But I'm not here today to tell you something you could have found on Google.  I'm here to talk about Fantasy Football with Benefits.  Now, we all know what friends with benefits can do for you.  Um, we can't do that.  But instead we are giving you a ton of other benefits!  Just check out this list....
  • FREE Wings
    • 25 wings for groups of 6 or more
    • 12 wings for groups up to 5 
  • 1 Free pitcher for the league*
  • $200+ Coupon Book for EACH league member 
  • Free WIFI 
  • Power strips for laptops, tablets & phones 
  • FREE T-Shirt for league commissioner
  • FREE Draft Kit with Draft Board, Draft Sheets, Branded Pencils, Color Coded Player Labels and Countdown Timer (draft kit only upon request, for the first 15 to reserve, while supplies last) 
And then of course there is still our talented & friendly staff, our amazing food, and our fabulous cocktails.  With food & drink specials every day, the hardest part will be deciding which day you want to hold your draft party.

Give us a call to reserve your space today.  
We're ready to host you, are you ready for some Fantasy Football with Benefits?

Osceola 574-679-4474
Elkhart 574-206-9900

*Pitcher limit up to $9.50

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