Thursday, May 12, 2016

Good news & Bad news

I've got both good news & bad news...

... ok, vegetables first.  The bad news is that our first Lip Sync Battle event has been cancelled due to weather.  When we checked four days out, it appeared that it is going to be rainy and cold.  As of two days out, the rain may have subsided, but it has gotten colder in the forecast.  Since it's outside, and we don't have walls for our patio installed yet, this would have been too chilly of an event for anyone to enjoy.  So we're kicking it to June 4.  This gives our performers lots of time to prepare and really get their act together.

Next... dessert!  The good news is that Friday the 13th is imminent.  It also happens to be the only Friday the 13th of 2016, which to me seems odd, yet somehow true.  Go ahead, check your calendars to see that I'm telling the truth... I'll wait.  I didn't believe me either.

To celebrate, the Buns is going to give 13% OFF to one out of every 13 MVP card users on Friday the 13th!  Those are pretty good odds.  Will you be one of the ones to get lucky on Friday the 13th?  And if you don't get lucky at lunch, you can still try to get lucky at dinner.  The opportunity is not just one and done.  However, the 13% off, is only on the food portion of your bill.  Legally, we can't discount alcohol (please write to your state representatives, it's their fault).

So come in on Friday the 13th, and see if you're actually one of the lucky ones!

#Fridaythe13th #GetLuckyAtTheBuns 

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