Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Public Food Safety Class For the Holidays

This one has been over a year in the making.  I had this brainchild last October, then went on vacation & forgot all about it - until now!

You'll read it here first - a Holiday edition of a Food Safety Class.  And it's free.

I know that we strive to have high standards at Between the Buns & Curve Cafe regarding food safety and the proper handling of food, and I felt that we should share our expert & knowledge with everyone else.  Thanksgiving dinners & other holiday meals are always higher risk for foodborne illness.  48 million people per year come down with some sort of foodborne illness.

Let's break the cycle and help everyone know just a little more.  If this class helps just one family not experience the issues that can come from food, then it is well worth it.

This has never been done before, so we are estimating things here.  We anticipate an hour of teaching & ½ hour of Q&A.

The class begins at 6pm and will be held at Curve Cafe in Mishawaka.

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