Monday, June 15, 2015

Can the Hawks win it all tonite?

Yes, the Chicago Blackhawks could win the Stanley Cup at home for the first time since 1938.  Yep, put the riot police on alert, it could happen at HOME!!

As of 10am Monday, the cheapest Standing Room Only tickets for the Blackhawks in Chicago tonite are $802. OMG!!  We've got huge screens and a great crowd to watch with for way less than $802
We've got $3.95 32oz Bud, Bud Lt, Coors Lt, Miller Lite & Killians
+ $3.50 Double Well Drinks. Plus get our Jumbo Wings for only $0.49 each in any of our 8 great sauces.
Low price wings AND beer AND the HAWKS for way less than $802!! See you tonight at the Buns!!

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