Wednesday, April 22, 2015

We're One Of The Cool Kids Now

We’ve got an “800” number!  Ok, I lied.  It’s an “888” number.  But it’s still a free call from almost anywhere.  Why would The Buns have toll-free number you may ask… well, it’s for getting a balance on your Gift Card.  Yep, we’ve joined the millennium and are “with it” now.  We’re one of the cool kids.

When you find that Buns (or Curve Cafe) gift card you lost, now you can just call and find out how much is on it!  

And to make it even more special (during business hours) you will reach a real, live, human-being!  And even cooler than that – most of the time, you will get ME!  How amazing is that?!  I gotta confess though, I’m not in the office 24/7 (although it feels like it sometimes).  But if you leave your name, phone number or email, and the gift card number (printed on the back) I will contact you back and let you know your balance.

But wait, before you call, there’s MORE!  You can also get the balance of your MVP rewards and/or your Breakfast Club rewards cards (since they’re just like a gift card too)!

Now, of course, you can get this info on our website – – but that’s lifeless and impersonal.  I’m a real person!
Oh wait, I haven’t given you the number yet, my bad.

(operators [me] are standing by)

Get it?  1-888-BTB-1597  Like how we snuck that in there?

Ok, now for a quick, shameless plug – we got this cool number and were able to customize it like that, on and through  They’re very nice people there.  Apparently you can get tracking data and other goodies with them too (but we don’t use or need that stuff). 

And back when we got the number, we did our homework… they were also the most affordable toll-free service out there.  Now, I’m not at liberty to say what we pay, but trust me when I tell you, it’s really good!

For those reading this, thinking my blog has been hacked and taken over by, it hasn’t.  I just wanted to make sure that you knew about the number and that you could get your gift card balance on the phone from a real human.  And now that you have been enlightened, I think my monologue here is done.


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